ONLY A FEW INTAKE APPOINTMENTS LEFT! **To finalize you must click “Make Appointment” to Confirm.  If you don’t get an email you didn’t complete your appointment.**

CURRENT CLIENTS: Click blue button to make an appointment.
Current clients can also use our REMOTE SERVICES which doesn’t require an in person appointment. You can schedule a PHONE APPOINTMENT if necessary although we usually complete through email.

Our schedule is fairly full for this tax season if you need an appointment that isn’t listed on the scheduler, please call the office to see if we can squeeze you in somewhere.  For current clients we can file a free extension and do your taxes after April 15th or up until October 15th which is the deadline to file your taxes in extension season.

NEW CLIENT REQUESTSCurrently we will only accept new clients as a direct referral from a current client or CPA partner. If you are referred by a current client or our CPA partner please call the office 303-423-1454 or send us a WEBQUERY (below our pictures) to make an appointment. Our schedule is fairly full at this point but we want to accomodate referred clients if possible.

*If you are not a direct referral and would like to work with us we are willing to file an extension with a non refundable $100 retainer that would go toward your tax preparation fee. We would complete your taxes after tax season ends on April 15th (extension filing final due date is Oct 15th). *An extension is for filing not for paying taxes you may owe. If you think you’ll owe you need to send in a payment by April 15th to avoid penalties and interest. Let us know if you’d like us to provide this service for you.

Thank you!

Jan & Jennie Hrdlicka
Gagliano Associates LLC