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Connect with the IRS on Social Media!

You can now connect with the IRS on Social Media

If you were to look at my list of Facebook friends, it’s a pretty ragtag group of people and about as diverse as they come.  My personal Facebook page is a wonderful assortment of random thoughts, parenting moments, connecting with

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Planning for the Fastest Possible Refund

plan for the fastest possible refund

This year, the IRS will begin accepting tax returns on January 29, 2018.  Many taxpayers will be chomping at the bit to get their returns filed as soon as possible this year—and many of these excited taxpayers aren’t even necessarily

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Schedule Your Appointment TODAY!

schedule your appointment

If you’re anything like I am, then you’re still having a hard time writing down 2018 whenever you have to write the date.  Here we are, a couple weeks into the brand new year, and I still find myself scratching

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Tips for Budgeting for Your Household

budgeting for a family

A lot of people live beyond their means. It’s easy to do when you find yourself with a few thousand dollars worth of credit open on a piece of plastic and a mall full of wonderful shinyful things. Or a

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Security: Web Access Strengthened by IRS

IRS taking additional security measures to protect your personal information

If you’ve been following along with us, you know that we focus a lot on security. Not only is our tax preparation software extremely secure, but we take every precaution imaginable to ensure our clients’ information is protected. The last

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Working Grandparents May be Eligible For EITC

More than ever before, grandparents are raising their grandchildren. The IRS wants working grandparents to know they may qualify for for the Earned Income Tax Credit, and to claim it if they qualify. But, before going into too much detail

Services that Set Us Apart from the Rest

what makes our services better than the rest?

Tax season is ramping up right now. The IRS began accepting returns on Monday, January 23, which means many of you are looking to get your house in order and get your taxes filed. You may be wondering what the

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Record Keeping and Tax Preparedness

keep a good record of tax documents

This is a question we get all the time–what should you keep on record, and how long should you keep them? As tax filing season winds up, the IRS (as well as Gagliano Associates) offers some words of advice about

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Filing Season for 2016 Coming Soon!

filing information for the coming tax season

It is so hard to believe that the 2016 tax season is already coming. It feels like we just finished 2015’s tax season. Alas, the filing season for 2016 begins in just a few short weeks! The IRS will begin

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