What are the benefits of Gagliano Associates compared to the competition?


  • Excellent Customer Service! Our #1 Priority.
  • Experienced Tax Specialists –  Since 1987.
  • Fair Prices!  Pay by the form & difficulty.
  • Reduced rates for dependent children.
  • Two step method: drop off and pick up (or by Remote Services) – Enables us to search for additional deductions between appointments.  We’re always looking for what you might be missing.
  • Convenient by Remote services portal, appointment, mail, email or fax. 
  • Top notch software – 
    “Pay only what you owe and not a penny more!”
  • No overpayment in taxes.
  • FREE E-filing for both Federal and State returns.
  • Help with IRS letters and audits (additional fees may apply).
  • Advice on proper record keeping. 
  • Personalized service  – We are at your service year-round.
  • Fee is often deductible.


Such as Jackson Hewitt,  H&R Block, Liberty Tax Svs. etc.

  • You will probably work with a first year tax preparer
  • Must wait – first-come first-serve.
  • One appointment method.
  • Difficult to get service year-round or reach a live person. Normally don’t get the same person each year.
  • There is limited ability to dig for extra deductions, if some are found during the interview, you must leave and return with documentation and wait in line again; may get a different preparer. (It’s rare that you have brought everything you need the first time).
  • Probably will be paying too much.
  • Amendments to add deductions are costly.
  • Software limitations – “Multiple question method” – items can still end up in the wrong place or in a place with no benefit.

CPA Accountants

  • Many CPAs specialize in accounting and not tax preparation.
  • You’ll pay accountant prices for tax preparation.


  • Turbotax or Online:  program does not prompt for everything you’re entitled to.
  •  “Multiple question method” – Software limitations can double take a deduction or take in wrong place.
  • Pay for the program & filing anyway, plus your time is money.
  • Time consuming, stressful, and confusing.
    No prompt for prior ownership tax taken for vehicles. Easy to miss property taxes paid at closing (i.e. no 1098 form), easy to misplace “job” related expenses, etc.
  • Costly mistakes.
  • Underpayment & penalties, or overpayment.
  • No help with IRS letters or audits.
  • No assurance of taxes being done right.
  • Unaware of tax laws – you don’t take or are afraid to take everything available to you.
  • If you don’t understand taxes, you should not try to prepare your own taxes!
  • Only 39% of taxpayers attempt to do their own taxes.