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You can now connect with the IRS on Social MediaIf you were to look at my list of Facebook friends, it’s a pretty ragtag group of people and about as diverse as they come.  My personal Facebook page is a wonderful assortment of random thoughts, parenting moments, connecting with old neighbors, sharing photos of my kids with family across the country, and news stories—both national news events and personal family and friend updates and news.  Like many people nowadays, I get and share a lot of news and information via social media.  So it only makes sense that taxpayers and tax preparers can now connect with the IRS over social media.

OK, so it may seem a bit weird to be Facebook Friends with IRS Irene but hear me out for a minute.  Just like you and I share the latest and greatest news via our preferred social media platform, the IRS can now do the same about taxes as well as about services offered to taxpayers.  Pretty nifty, isn’t it?

Right now is the perfect time for taxpayers and tax preparers to connect with the IRS through the following social media tools:

IRS2Go Social Media App

If you find yourself consistently attached to your mobile device, then this is the perfect way to connect with the IRS.  These apps are available for Apple, Android, and Amazon devices.  Here, taxpayers can sign up to get notifications about helpful tax tips, check refund status, and make payments.  It is also available in both English and Spanish.


The IRS hosts some of their own YouTube channels that are more than stiffs in beige suits with pocket protectors and clunky calculators.  While it might not be as riveting as Dan TDM, they do have short informational videos on a whole range of tax topics from choosing a tax preparer to avoiding phishing scams.  They offer videos in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language.


The IRS Twitter page touches on information for just about all taxpayers.  Individuals, businesses, tax preparers, and tax-exempt organizations.  The three IRS Twitter accounts include @IRSNews, @IRSTaxPros, and @IRSSenEspanol.


Visit the IRS Tumblr blog for some of the most current news, updates, and tax information available.


The IRS Return Preparer Facebook Page offers some great information for tax professionals.  The Facebook page offers a whole community of over 35K tax professionals.

Audio Files for Podcasts

Who needs to listen to Serial or the No Sleep Podcast when you can check out what the IRS has to say!  Their podcasts are available on iTunes or you can download audio files from the Multimedia Center on the IRS website.


To stay abreast of all the latest with the IRS, you can sign up for free e-News subscriptions.  This is one of the easiest ways to stay on top of news and developments.  There are a number of different topics you can select to have information automatically sent to your email inbox.

It is important to remind taxpayers that the IRS uses these social media tools to share public information.  Taxpayers should not use these tools as a means of solving personal individual tax issues and should avoid posting social security numbers or other confidential information on these sites.  The IRS is unable to answer individual or personal tax or account questions on any of these sites, either.

Getting answers to common tax questions has never been easier than it is today.  Being able to connect with the IRS via social media sites means there are multiple ways to reach out, gather insights, get tips, and other information quickly and easily.

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