Welcome Nina-Lois Lawhead to Gagliano Associates!

Me for GALLCNina-Lois is happily joining the family business this year. Jan’s younger sister has a Master’s in Humanities from CU Denver and is a graduate of a certified income tax preparation class. She is assisting with administrative tasks at Gagliano Associates LLC this tax season, and enthusiastically forging ahead into the field of accounting and tax preparation. N.L. looks forward to helping expand the GA practice, while building her own book-keeping and payroll clientele.

When she is not crunching numbers or mailing tax returns, Lois cares for her husband Christopher and baby boy Henry born in January of this year.  Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2007, she was able to beat the illness using diet and alternative therapies.  Lois is grateful for the challenge as it has made her stronger and healthier in the long run. She would like to spread the word that an endless cycle of remission, recurrence, pain and surgery is not the only option for other sufferer’s of this often debilitating condition. You can read about her journey on her blog www.thingsthatmakelifebetter.com
In addition to loving life and her family, Lois enjoys cooking, yoga, listening to music, and taking long walks in the Colorado sun.  She makes often elaborate, delicious balanced meals, teaches yoga off-and-on, and has dance parties in the living room with her son. Please help us welcome Lois to our tax family.
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One comment on “Welcome Nina-Lois Lawhead to Gagliano Associates!
  1. Louis Gagliano says:

    Hello Nina-Lois. You answer the phone so well. I can almost see your smile with the welcome.

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