Income Tax Preparation Specialists since 1987
“Pay only what you legally owe and not a penny more!” Thomas Jefferson

  • Fees for services will be based on the number of forms prepared and difficulty of the return.  As part of our service (and included in our tax preparation fee):  electronic filing for both Federal and State taxes.
  • If we prepare your tax return and you have a dependent child who needs to file a tax return, we will do their tax return at a reduced price.
  • If you are ever contacted by the IRS or receive a letter or a bill, please contact us immediately before taking any action or contacting the IRS. Some IRS issues may result in additional fees. Our income tax preparation fees don’t cover all possible scenarios. Audits, random or otherwise, may require additional billable hours. Some issues arise from us not having all the information during the processing of your return and some issues are just “grey.” The IRS may challenge a position on your return; defending this can incur additional fees. If this is the case, we will inform you before proceeding.
  • All charges will be due and payable upon presentation.
  • Income tax preparation fees are often deductible.
  • For more information on what you can expect from using our services please visit our Benefits Page.
  • For more information please review our Business Policy.