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Health Care Law and Your Taxes

health care exemptions for your taxes

The tax filing season is coming up quickly! It isn’t too early to start thinking about the health care law and how it affects your taxes. You may qualify for an exemption. The Affordable Care Act has put certain requirements

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Letter From the IRS? Maybe a New Scam

letters claiming to be from IRS new scam

Have you recently received a letter from the IRS claiming you owe money? If so, it could be yet another scam. The Internal Revenue Service warned consumers that a new scheme has developed which tells the recipient they owe money

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Biggest Tax Code Change in 20 years!

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is one of the biggest changes to the tax code in 20 years. And we’re only beginning to digest many confusing health-care-related tax rules that will directly hit 25 million to 30 million taxpayers. Question: Did

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The Health Care Law’s Effect on Your Taxes

Nearly everyone is affected by the Affordable Care Act and will need to do something new when filing their taxes this year.  The following chart will help you better understand how the health care law affects you and everyone on your

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