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Taxes and Traveling for Charity

Over the summer months, some people might travel to participate in charity work.  Not only is that a wonderful, selfless contribution to society, but it could also be tax deductible!  For the purposes of this blog we will not be

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The Health Care Law’s Effect on Your Taxes

Nearly everyone is affected by the Affordable Care Act and will need to do something new when filing their taxes this year.  The following chart will help you better understand how the health care law affects you and everyone on your

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Taxable and Nontaxable Income

Most types of income are taxable, but some are not. Income can include money, property or services that you receive. Here are some examples of income that are usually not taxable: Child support payments; Gifts, bequests and inheritances; Welfare benefits;

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Let’s start the New Year with some new friends!

We have so many clients and people interested in Gagliano Associates LLC  and thousands of hits on our blogs but not so many Facebook likes. It’s starting to hurt our feelings. If you are a follower can you please like

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Keeping good records could = more refunds for you!!

Martha Gagliano started their tax preparation business in 1987 and recently retired. I asked her to write a blog for you. Do you like to get a refund?? The best way is to keep good records. Businesses: save and catalog all

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Is going paperless a good idea?

We  live in a digital age and less paper is a good idea and saves trees, right?? This is true, however I recommend to our clients that deduct expenses not go paperless. You need those papers to substantiate your deductions. And the IRS

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