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The Health Care Law’s Effect on Your Taxes

Nearly everyone is affected by the Affordable Care Act and will need to do something new when filing their taxes this year.  The following chart will help you better understand how the health care law affects you and everyone on your

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It’s tax season. Do you know where your mail is?

During the holiday season a missed or stolen package can be aggravating, which is doubtless why you eagerly watched for deliveries all December, calling the nanosecond you suspected a problem. Unfortunately, many employers don’t send tracking numbers when the packet

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Be Smart with Your Smartphone!

When accidents happen…be smart with your smartphone Nowadays many of us have smartphones (or photo-capable cellphones) and have them at hand most if not all of the time. So it’s not surprising that an increasing number of insureds are submitting

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What Everyone NEEDS to Know About Healthcare Reform

No matter where you stand politically on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), you need to be prepared. How the law will affect you depends greatly on whether or not you are currently insured and the type of insurance you have. Some

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