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Gagliano Associates provides Remote Services

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Remote Services Secure Portal

OUR REMOTE SERVICE IS POPULAR! We offer the same great service as if you came in to meet with us. For your convenience you can get your tax information to us safely by using our Remote Services Secure Portal. Simply scan your documents with your computer or if using your phone, use a free scan app like “Scannable” for best quality documents. Pictures that are not converted to scanned documents don’t work as they convert badly and are hard for us to read. Check the quality and focus of each document before sending. You only need to provide tax forms not the instructions.

WHAT TO PROVIDE REMOTELY: (Although we try to prepare your taxes as fast as possible give us at least two weeks to complete your return once we have received all your documents)

  1. All tax documents scanned.
  2. A copy of your driver’s license (or list the ID number, state of issue, issue date, and expiration date), for all taxpayers.
  3. Signed Engagement for services agreement form.
  4. Please review the Additional Questions Worksheet for significant life events that effect your tax return.
  5. A complete list of Income & Deductible Expenses that could be helpful.
  6. For your convenience we have WORKSHEETS for Child Care Expenses, Businesses and Rentals, as well as Medical Expenses and Donation Logs click here.
  7. New Customers need to fill out our Taxpayer Information Worksheet.
  8. If you live in Colorado, you must claim any purchases that no sales tax was paid on. Please provide the total of those purchases if any.
  9. Bank account information for direct deposit or direct debit.
  10. Once we receive all documents we will get in touch with you with any questions. Processing time can generally takes 1-2 weeks after we have received all required documentation.

Fill out the WebQuery above if you have any questions regarding this new service or get stared now by clicking the blue Remote Services button above.

Payment for services is due when your taxes are completed. We will send you an electronic invoice that you can safely pay online with your checking account. If you want to use a credit card there will be third party convenience fee, offered upon request. If you have any questions please contact the office.