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Turn around time for tax filings are 1-3 weeks dependent on when we receive ALL of your documents. We will communicate with you via email or phone when necessary.

Items 1-6 are REQUIRED as part of the documents & necessary questions you need to answer to process your filing.

**Where possible, please combine your documents into one file.

  1. Review, sign & date: Engagement for Services Agreement.
  2. Complete, sign & date: Required Tax Preparation Information Checklist noting all applicable items to your tax return.
  3. Provide a copy of each taxpayer’s driver’s license (or provide the ID number, state of issue, issue date, and expiration date)
  4. If you want direct deposit, provide your bank routing and account numbers.
  5. Colorado Residents:  Did you make any online purchases for which you did not pay Colorado sales tax? If so, provide the total dollar amount of any such non-taxed online purchases.
  6. Did you have any receipt, sale, or exchange of virtual currency. (Involvement with crypto currency such as bitcoin)

WORKSHEETS  are available for Child Care Expenses, Businesses and Rentals, as well as Medical Expenses and Donation Logs

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Scan your documents with your computer or if using your phone, use a free scan app like “Scannable by Evernote” for best quality documents.

Payment for services is due when your taxes are completed. We will send you an electronic invoice that you can safely pay online with your checking account. If you want to use a credit card there will be third party convenience fee, offered upon request. If you have any questions please contact the office.

Once we receive all of your documents, we will be in touch via email to let you know that we have received them.  Your tax preparer will follow-up with any questions.

Remote Services Secure Portal