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Gambling With Your Taxes

Gambling, Wins and Losses What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  Unfortunately, the IRS tends to disagree with that sentiment, especially when it comes to your taxes.  Whether you are a consistent gambler or your winnings (or losses) are the

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Taxes and Traveling for Charity

Over the summer months, some people might travel to participate in charity work.  Not only is that a wonderful, selfless contribution to society, but it could also be tax deductible!  For the purposes of this blog we will not be

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Teens And Taxes- What You Need to Know

Summer Jobs and Taxes A summer job is a rite of passage for most teenagers.  It gives a taste of responsibility, builds character, and most importantly- extra spending money.  The lure of making extra money in the summer is quite

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Record Keeping and Tax Preparedness

keep a good record of tax documents

This is a question we get all the time–what should you keep on record, and how long should you keep them? As tax filing season winds up, the IRS (as well as Gagliano Associates) offers some words of advice about

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Filing Season for 2016 Coming Soon!

filing information for the coming tax season

It is so hard to believe that the 2016 tax season is already coming. It feels like we just finished 2015’s tax season. Alas, the filing season for 2016 begins in just a few short weeks! The IRS will begin

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Keeping Records: What can Stay and Go

keeping records for the IRS

Most taxpayers don’t have a problem keeping records for the immediate tax year. However, after the tax season is over, most of us forget about keeping records for past tax years. This results in one of two problems: if you’re

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